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Energy Efficient Audio

Audio amplifiers have always been one of the more 'power hungry' devices in an audio-visual system.

The latest generation are designed for maximum power efficiency when they are running. They also have an automatic standby state when they are not used.  Read more... 

Radio microphone frequency changes - 2012

This is quite a complicated subject but basically the government is taking away several frequencies that have been used for radio microphones. They are needed for new digital terrestrial TV channels.

If you are using UHF radio microphones take a note of the frequencies and contact us, we can let you know then whether you have to change and what you have to change. Some recent microphones can work in the new allocated bands, others cannot. Read more...

'Welcome' Sixième

Hatier 'Welcome' location stillJust finished now is our new DVD for Lés Editions Hatier, a Paris based educational publisher. They are launching our DVD as part of their new English language course called Welcome. This DVD is aimed at the 'sixième', the first year of secondary education. 

Working with London based 'Mad Hatter Productions' we filmed a number of small dramatised scenes in Chester and London.

To get the most educational value from the video footage each scene is presented in two versions on the DVD either with or without subtitles showing the full english text. Click here to see a clip from the programme.

Ultra short throw projectors

This is a growing area in the market place. The main application is the interactive whiteboard where these projectors make using an interactive board a pleasure. There can still be problems in locating these projectors correctly as most of them need some distance above the top of the screen. Often impossible with standard 2.4metre ceilings.

The latest model from Sanyo cuts this distance down significantly, meaning these projectors can be used in more rooms.

It's also worth remembering that the short throw distance can make a variety of other setups possible, floor mounted projectors, projectors hidden behind or even inside, furniture... Read more..

New wireless control panel

The latest touch panel from AMX offers both wireless and wired functionality. It also features new user interface capabilities like gestures and animated page transitions, a stunning 9" widescreen 24-bit color display, full digital duplex telephone or intercom interface and built-in 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi card with antenna diversity. 

The antenna diversity means totally reliable wireless connection wherever you use the panel.

Read more ....


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