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Imagine you have a boardroom with two LCD monitor displays. You need to easily display your laptop on the one and a corporate video on the other. You also need to switch the two displays to use your videoconference system.

We will design an intuitive touch panel control that will do this for you. The users do not need to know how the system is connected or which remote controls which device.

Wireless touch control panels

AMX 5 Modero panel in wall docking stationWireless control panels are very popular for this kind of control. You can have the room control at hand whether you are presenting from the screen or sitting at the far end of the table. The same panel can also dim the lights and draw the blinds or even adjust the temperature.

Another popular feature is that the panel can be customised to display your company logo and to match your company corporate style.

Wired touch panels

Wired panels can do everything that the wireless ones can do, apart from being limited in their movement. You have the option of full colour interactive touch screen units, or simpler panels with just a few buttons.

We often fit a wired button panel near the door and a wireless panel in the room. This combination means you can start the show system as soon as you enter the room. You can then control it easily from anywhere you choose.

Wired button panels

AMX Novara 2016 control panelButton controls are more limited in their flexibility. They are perfect where there is just a simple system to control. We will design the control to suit the installation. There are panels ranging from four buttons to sixteen and twentyfour.

With four buttons you will typically just have power on and off, and volume up and down. A sixteen button panel can allow selection from four sources - laptop, PC, DVD visualiser and also give you control over the DVD functions. Play, stop, pause etc.


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