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You would never expect a car to keep working reliably without an occasional visit to the garage. Audio-visual systems should be cared for in the same way.

Annual maintenance contracts

We offer a range of contracts to suit your particular systems and uses. The general pattern is for us to make one or two visits a year for preventive maintenance. We will then give you a number of priority call outs in case of any equipment failure.

Regular maintenance

Our regular maintenance visits will normally include -

  • check lamp hours in projectors
  • clean air filters
  • clean optics
  • check all connectors and cables for wear and tear
  • check all system functions

What will you cover?

Generally we will cover any system including the projector, screen, audio system and controller. Subject to inspection this cover applies whatever the manufacturer or original installer.

How many visits will you provide?

This depends on the service level we agree. We usually make one or two maintenance visits and include between two and four emergency call outs.

Will spare parts be included?

We include the cost of low value parts, cables and connectors which are often the cause of system failures. Parts over £15 are chargeable so we suggest you keep a spare projector lamp on site. This would mean a much quicker return to full operation if the lamp has failed.


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