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Audio-visual systems are all about effective communication. Our job is to give you bright, sharp images and clear audible sound. The ways you can use it are as diverse as the world we live in.

Business meeting rooms

Laptop and projection screenYou need systems that are easy and intuitive to use and that give you bright sharp pictures on the screen. 

You need connection points for your laptops that are in the right place. You also need a routine maintenance service in place to ensure consistent and reliable performance from the system.

We can put in automatic monitoring so you get advance notice when a lamp change is due, or a warning when a device loses power.

Videoconference systems

LifeSize Room 220 video conference systemThey should be easy to use, ready for use on demand, offer clear sound quality, and high definition images. We find the best way to achieve this is to install a system permanently. This means there are no wires to plug in or settings to adjust before using the system. It also means we can help to ensure the room environment is suitable for video meetings, good even light quality is very important here. 


Classrooms have similar needs to meeting rooms, with the additional requirement that the equipment should be protected from theft and abuse. We often install security cages for ceiling mounted projectors and put control systems and computers into secure racks.

In general the less access users have, the more reliable the equipment will be.


Presentation theatres

This is somewhere the AV can take centre stage. At the same time you don't want to feature the hardware, you just want an immersive experience with fabulous images and quality sound. We can design the most sophisticated presentation theatres with all the equipment completely hidden. A handy wireless touch panel can give you full control over your show, dimming the lights, drawing the blinds and managing the presentation.

Information displays

Digital signage in HP receptionMoving images catch the eye. Digital Signage means you can combine a number of information sources into one lively display.

Think of it as an animated poster that you can change at will. You can schedule a video to show at 3pm every Wednesday, or to show the BBC news at 8am every day.


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